We serve the Greater Houston area as a premier, fully-equipped equine facility. From horseback riding lessons to horse boarding, we offer a variety of horse services. Click on any service to learn more.

Horseback Riding Lessons

We offer private, semi-private, and group horseback riding lessons in Needville, Texas. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Additionally, we teach both English and western riding lessons. You can prepare for your next horse show or learn the basics of horseback riding in a fun and encouraging environment at Cramer Quarter Horses.

Horse Boarding

We board all breeds of horses in our full-service horse boarding facility. Our location in Needville is easily accessible from all Houston metro areas. We treat every horse as if it were our own. Our staff provides essential care with expert knowledge. This includes turning out once a day, cleaning stalls twice a day, and other caretaking measures. There are many ways we care for your horse, and we will work to accommodate your individual needs.  


Children five years and older come to Cramer Quarter Horses every year for our annual summer horse camp. The camp runs June through August and provides dozens of fun activities to entertain your children. Attendees will learn about horses, ride horses, bathe horses, paint horses, and enjoy all the horse activities they can dream of. There are also non-horse related activities too such as fishing, swimming, and zip lining.

For Sale

View horses for sale in Needville, Texas. Contact us.

For Lease

View horses for lease in Needville, Texas. You don’t have to buy your own horse. You can lease one instead. When you lease a horse, you’re given temporary access to ride the horse every week. You can ride for leisure, or to show. We offer half,  and full show leases.