10 Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

There are many benefits of horseback riding for your health. Those who ride competitively know that horseback riding is a physically challenging and rewarding activity. Additionally, interaction with horses is believed to have therapeutic effects. This has resulted in the rise of an experiential therapy called horse therapy or equine-assisted therapy, which involves interactions between patients and horses to treat conditions such as substance abuse, mental illness, and autism. Continue reading

Tips for Choosing the Right Horse Boarding Facility

Horse boarding staff

Horse boarding is a service offered to horse owners that allows them to keep their horses at an equine facility for a weekly or monthly fee. Perhaps you’ve heard of a horse livery, which is another name for a horse boarding stable. In addition to a place to keep your horse, boarding can also include horse care. Tasks such as feeding, cleaning, and training are commonly offered as a part of horse boarding, and these tasks are fulfilled by the boarding facility staff.
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Cramer Quarter Horses’ Summer Camp for Kids

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One task parents face during the summer is figuring out how to keep their children entertained while school is out. No parent wants to hear their child repeat the monotonous “I’m bored!” cry all summer long. You might set up a kiddie pool in the backyard, play movies, or plan arts and crafts. These are a few of the tactics parents use to keep their kids entertained at home. However, sometimes it’s best to just get your children out of the house. That’s where we can help the most! Cramer Quarter Horses (CQH) hosts an annual summer horse camp, and your children are invited. Take them to the farm for a full day of fun that’s all about horses! They will get to expel all their youthful energy playing, learning, and meeting new friends on the farm!

About CQH Summer Horse Camp

CQH’s summer horse camp is an annual event that takes place on our 35-acre equine facility and farm. When you research the summer camps in Houston, you’ll find that there are a variety of camp types to choose from. Education, sports, and nature are common camp themes. The theme for CQH camp is “All About Horses!” At this equestrian summer camp, campers will ride horses, bathe horses, paint horse pictures, and enjoy more horse activities! The camp combines educational and outdoor activities, ensuring that campers are learning and having fun simultaneously.
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